Your First Visit

Your first visit to our team of dentists at Marsh Dental Care in Huddersfield is an important one.

When you meet the dentist it is important that you advise us of any concerns you have about dental treatment, and are honest about why you have come to the practice and what you want from us. Your care is a two way process and we need and value your input.

During your first dental consultation we will take a complete, confidential medical and dental history. We will also examine your mouth, teeth and gums thoroughly, including;
• Checking the function of your jaw joints
• Check the health of your soft tissue
• An oral cancer screening
• Checking and recording the gum health around each tooth
• Examination of the teeth
• Examination of the existing fillings and other restorations

Please bring with you a list of any tablets or medication that you take.

Photographs and x-ray pictures may be necessary. If we are to help you it is absolutely essential to know exactly what is going on beneath the gum line and inside the teeth, where we cannot see. As a health precaution we advocate that the x-rays taken are kept to the minimal amount clinically possible and prescribed on an individual basis.

We carefully follow the current national guidelines for dental radiography and use modern, low radiation dose dental x-ray machines. The health and safety of our patients is paramount.

If your treatment needs are quite simple we will usually arrange any necessary further appointments for treatment at this time. If your treatment needs are more complex then we will make a subsequent consultation appointment to discuss our findings with you further and explore the different options for treatment. This service is free as it is important to us that you understand what your care will involve, what choices you have, and what you need to budget for.

Once a treatment plan is agreed you will be sent a written estimate and plan of work, together with payment plan options. Only when you are happy to proceed with the treatment do we start to make appointments for the work to be carried out

Please contact us if there is something in particular that you are concerned about, or if there is a particular treatment that you are interested in and a member of the dental team will be happy to discuss this with you.

Our policy is to assess your personal needs at your first appointment, suggest and explain a treatment plan, giving you choice where possible. We only proceed with treatment when you are happy.