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If your teeth are dark or discoloured we can lighten them by bleaching. This is a simple treatment that can be carried out at home, or in surgery is pain free and can produce amazing results.

Unsightly or misshapen front teeth can be disguised to make them blend in with your other teeth using veneers.

Do you have old crowns on your front teeth that do not match your other teeth? We can replace them with natural looking metal-free porcelain crowns.

If you have old or stained silver amalgams or fillings that are visible when you smile, we can make them almost invisible with tooth coloured composite restorations, or cover and protect them with tooth coloured crowns.

Do you have a denture, which looks or feels false? We can, in the majority of cases, produce natural looking cosmetic dentures for an improved appearance and bite.

Are your gums red and swollen? Do they bleed when brushing? Do you get a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath? Modern periodontal treatment will improve gum health and eliminate breath problems.

Oral cancer is a bigger killer than breast cancer. Screening is carried out routinely.

Do your teeth keep breaking? We can strengthen them with crowns or inlays.

Tooth decay is usually only painful by the time the tooth is severely broken down. By then it is likely to be expensive to repair the damage. Decrease your chance of decay with preventive advice; it’s all part of the hygiene service.

If you play contact sports we can supply a custom made mouth guard (gum shield) to protect your teeth.

Missing teeth spoil a smile and can cause other dental problems. Consider replacement using bridges, dentures or implants.

Tips for a great smile

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