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Although teeth have a hard enamel surface, poor oral hygiene and a poor diet can lead to decay.

Dental decay happens when the enamel and dentine of a tooth become softened by acid present in plaque and the diet, producing a cavity (hole).

Decay may or may not cause discomfort; even though it doesn’t hurt, the tooth is deteriorating. Left untreated the nerve of the tooth may become infected and die causing an abscess.

Using higher magnification and powerful lighting, it is easier to detect decay at an early stage to prevent excessive tooth damage. When cavities are small, they are much easier and less expensive to treat.

Early tooth decay does not tend to show many physical signs. Sometimes the tooth looks healthy, but your dentist will be able to see from an x-ray whether you have any decay under the enamel, any possible infections in the roots, or any bone loss around the tooth.


Procedure Video Gallery

Decay - Occusal


Decay - Interproximal


Poor oral hygiene can lead to a build-up of plaque which can lead to decay..
If decay is left untreated the nerve of the tooth may become infected and die.
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